We are committed to providing the best service to the patients.

 Bangladesh City Hospital (BCH) provides patient treatment with specialized health science, auxiliary healthcare staff, and medical equipment.

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Hospital surgery corridor
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About us

We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy

At BCH, we provide our patients with a trusted and compassionate environment for healthcare is central to our mission. We draw strength from our purpose, which is above all to help and heal.

Our physicians, nurses, and other caregivers & supporting staff are passionate about providing the right care at the right time, bringing hope and healing to our patients and their families. Patients trust us with their most valuable possession – their lives – and all of our caregivers recognize the immense responsibility that comes with that trust.

Our commitment towards our people made us successful, we believe our people is our great asset. We have a highly motivated, experienced and hardworking team of people from diverse backgrounds and experience.

Md. Delower Hosssain

Bangladesh City Hospital

BCH- Doctor Panel

Dr. Nazmus Sakib

MBBS, FCPS in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Mohammad G Kabir

Urology & general Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr Abdullah Al Mansur

General surgeon

Dr Tajuddin Mollah

Orthopedic surgeon

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Designed to help people realize their potential

As responsible corporate citizens, we have the highest level of commitment to the environment and safety regulations. We believe our effort is making the most meaningful difference for the people and the country.
MD.Saidul Islam Said
Managing Director

Bangladesh City Hospital

More than just a healthcare place

We are always values-driven. These values continue to direct the growth of BCH. Our commitment to our values and code of conduct is the foundation on which all our business activities rest.