About us

We are here to help patients raise happy and healthy life

We all need support through the most important period of our patients

Welcome to Bangladesh City Hospital(BCH). We offer Hospital & Diagnostic services, 24 Hour Hospital Service & Specialist doctors’ Consultations. We provide the highest quality service from the moment we pick up the phone to schedule an appointment until we deliver the final diagnostic reports. Our staff is culturally diverse, highly experienced, and professionally managed. At BCH, we are dedicated to assisting patients to cope with the complexities of modern investigations. We are committed to partnering with our physicians to provide quality, compassionate, efficient diagnostic services to the communities we serve.

With patient convenience in mind, we offer an expansive menu of laboratory testing services that include both routine and highly complex assays. We have a full-service imaging center that provides one location necessary for all diagnostic exams. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of customer service to makes BCH a respected choice for quality imaging and clinical diagnostic.

At BCH, we are proud of our investigation reports, modernized types of equipment, carefully selected man, and materials. Aalok is located in the strategic area of Mirpur, the center can be reached easily from almost anywhere in Bangladesh.


Inclusive care is the notion that health services should be equally accessible to all regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.


Doctors provide services to help with diagnosis and treatment during the recovery process. Support and administrative staff work to support the running of the hospital.


Always knock when entering your patient's room if the door is closed. If it isn't, greet them by name before you enter. Avoid talk, even if your patient is cognitively impaired.


Collaboration in healthcare is generally defined as two or more healthcare professionals working together to optimize the treatment plan and health outcome for a patient.



To become the most trusted premier institution serving the sufferings of humanity and people’s welfare oriented activities.
Meet the Directors

Board Members Of BCH

Md. Delower Hosssain

Chairman of BCH

Md.Saidul Islam Said

Founder & Managing Director

doctor, person, vista-1295571.jpg
Dr. Md. Asaduzzaman

Director of BCH


QualityCaring for the Community
  • Operating at the highest standards of safe and ethical practices and demonstrating continuous improvement
  • Promoting health and providing care based on a commitment to the well-being of the patients
EffectivenessCaring for the Staff
  • Selecting the most appropriate services to produce the desired health outcome
  • Caring for the health of our staff and developing a culture of trust, and training for personal and professional growth
IntegrationResearch & Training
  • Providing clear pathways by ensuring collaboration, consultation, and effective communication with health service providers
  • Providing an environment that promises personal development, learning, and research

Within this short period of time, Bangladesh City Hospital is proud to have set the standard of health care as well as patient care in Bangladesh. We do not intend to set on this but will continuously endeavor to serve our community in a better way. So if you are looking for the best possible treatment available with the best doctors, make your way to Bangladesh City Hospital and be prepared to be swept away with care and respect. After all, the hospital believes that “taking time to protect your health, now can make the difference in how good you feel tomorrow”.